The Living Yogi



Most people who come to a saint expect to receive spiritual knowledge in the form of a discourse. But many of the greatest masters, yogis and siddhas do not give lectures. From the depths of their own Being, they radiate the Truth that is beyond words. Shivabalayogi, by a glance, can set a person firmly on the path to God.

Darshan refers to seeing or being in the presence of a spiritually powerful soul. Simply gazing upon a God-Realized person can profoundly alter a person’s life. A God-Realized yogi is an inexhaustible ocean of blessings. People recognize a connection and discover a desire for spiritual life. Those already committed to spiritual practice find their experiences deepened. Darshan is the great peace, love, and clarity felt in the sacred presence of the Divine.

Although Swamiji never gave any lectures or discourses, He readily answered questions from devotees and clarified their doubts about spiritual topics.

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