The Living Yogi


Prashad / Annadanam

The gift of blessed food is of great importance to Shivabalayogi. He encouraged devotees to conduct mass feedings (annadanam) where all who came, hundreds or thousands, were given a full meal of blessed food. Prashad, blessed food, is an extremely important way in which many great souls give blessings. On one level, they intend to satisfy our hunger and basic physical needs. On a spiritual level, the blessed food is imbued with love and healing vibrations. Shri Swamji invited everyone to share, and he insisted that each be served with equal respect regardless of age, gender, status , caste or religion. 

It is written in the Bhagavad Gita that the breath of a yogi transforms ordinary food into divine nectar. When Swamiji blessed anything, he made as if he were blowing on it. He took great pleasure in giving people blessed food. One could not leave his presence without being given some prashad. The smiles on His face and the importance He gave to serving everyone indicated that prashad was very important to Him.

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