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Swamiji's Teachings

Sanatana Dharma

Shivabalayogi often talked about the spiritual tradition of the ancient sages, the sanatana dharma , the common foundation for all cultures. Shivabalayogi’s own tapas and life, because they were so unusually well documented, are a public demonstration of the ancient culture of the sages. We have much more information about Shivabalayogi’s tapas than that of other yogis, and unlike most yogis of the last century or so, Shivabalayogi traveled extensively throughout India and the West. Traditionally, yogis remain distanced from the general public and are little recognized in their physical lifetimes. Their disciples are few and selected. By comparison, Shivabalayogi traveled in order to make physical contact with many millions, and he freely gave and continues to give initiation into meditation and spiritual experiences. Such a public life allows us to better understand the significance of yogis and their message. 

The sanatana dharma is not so well understood in the modern world, but this is also a time when the ancient and eternal traditions are being rediscovered and revealed. The life and blessings of Shivabalayogi are an infinitely powerful source of understanding the spiritual relationships and truths that underlie all cultures.


The Guru -Devotee Connection

Swamiji often talked about the soul connection between yogi and devotee. He assured devotees that the connection is made in some form in each lifetime. 

Guru and devotee are inextricably bound together, lifetime after lifetime.

Q: How do we find the guru?

Swamiji: “You will find your guru automatically, just like Swamiji. When the time comes your guru will come to you. Even if you ask, the guru will not come earlier. Swamiji’s time came in his fourteenth year. His guru came to him and he started meditation. Your guru will come to you at the proper time. “

“Whenever Swamiji takes birth all his devotees and disciples take birth. This goes on forever and ever and ever. Some devotees come late and some come a little bit earlier. “

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