The Living Yogi


The Living Yogi – An Introduction

We all know about several saints from the days of yore who merged with God by virtue of their devotion and penance (tapas). Shivabalayogi is however unique even in this respect as it was the Gods – Parvathi and Parameshwara – who merged with him. At the early age of 26, this young man by the name of Sathyaraju, completed an intense twelve-year ‘tapas’ under their guidance. Being convinced that he had attained the absolute egoless state, satisfied that he is totally unselfish, and having tested and confirmed that he is qualified to carry out their divine mission in this ‘Kaliyuga’ – the dark age of ‘Kali’, they bestowed upon him the title of ‘Shri Shri Shri Shivabalayogeeshwara’ meaning the best amongst Yogis, who is dedicated to Lord Shiva and ‘Baala’ – Goddess Paarvathi Devi. They both then merged with his being.

All this happened as recently as in 1961, when Sathyaraju completed his tapas successfully in the Godavari delta in Andhra Pradesh in South India. On 7th of August 1949, Lord Shiva, manifested to a fourteen-year old Indian village boy named Sathyaraju, in the form of a ‘Jangama Devara’ – a mendicant devoted to Lord Shiva, made him sit and close his eyes, touched him between his eyebrows, and gently tapped him on the head. The boy immediately lost consciousness and experienced ‘samaadhi’, the state of enlightenment in which the mind remains still without thoughts. Thus began His ‘tapas’ and transformation.

‘Tapas’ is the most intense spiritual practice. Sathyaraju’s tapas turned out to be even more gruelling. From the moment his tapas began, Sathyaraju meditated in samaadhi twenty-three hours every day for eight years, followed by at least twelve hours daily for another four years. There were periods of months at a time when he did not return to ordinary consciousness.

Swamiji’s mission relied entirely on voluntary donations from devotees for all the activities. HH never charged for any of His services and never accumulated any material wealth. Swamiji continued the selfless service relentlessly while in that holy physical body until 28th March 1994, when HH entered Mahaasamaadhi through ‘Yoga Nidhra’ – the Yogic Sleep.

Even before His Mahaasamaadhi, while Swamiji was physically in Bangalore, at times HH used to be available to devotees elsewhere too, for example in Aadhivaarapupeta, very tangibly through the wonderful phenomenon of ‘bhaava samaadhi’ (trance) during and after bhajans on Friday nights. Through one or more local devotees in trance, Swamiji’s astral bodies would give darshan, offer guidance, answer questions and bless vibhoothi and food, just as Swamiji used to in His physical body at Aadhivaarapupeta and elsewhere. Shivabalayogi was hence never limited by his physical body, so even though he dropped that form when HH attained ‘Mahaasamaadhi’, HH remains available to devotees, blessing and even appearing to them. The Living Yogi’s service to devotees therefore continues through His astral presence and more tangibly through this medium of trance, without much disruption due to His Mahaasamaadhi, as evidenced by millions of His old and new devotees in India and around the world and their experiences.

This continuingly available presence is true of all yogis. Swamiji insisted that yogis do not die. They live until eternity, constantly manifesting and blessing. Shivabalayogi’s mission is not only continuing but flourishing since His Mahaasamaadhi. While regular programs continue at Swamiji’s ashrams, more centers, ashrams and trusts have been established by His devotees in India and abroad since the Mahaasamaadhi and several occasions are celebrated or observed at all His centers all-round the year.

A number of new aspirants receive initiation into meditation through Swamiji’s devotees at programs being conducted all around the world. People who never met Swamiji in His physical body receive guidance and experience visions of Swamiji and feel spiritually connected.

More books have been published including experiences of devotees along with more details of His life history. A lot of material has been posted on the internet by several devotees on websites dedicated to Shivabalayogi. Devotees correspond regularly through e-mail and exchange mission news and experiences on social media like Facebook and WhatsApp. Several DVDs of videos recorded during Swamiji’s programs and travels have been produced and are made available. Several videos have been shared on YouTube too.

All are welcome to come and benefit from Shivabalayogi’s blessings at any of His ashrams or programs conducted in His honour. There is never any charge for such participation.

We would be delighted to have new devotees contribute to the mission in any way they wish.

Swamiji’s blessings to all the readers.

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