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Adivarapupeta Ashram

Adivarapupeta is a small village in South India where Sathyaraju was born and brought up. It was just outside this village that Sathyaraju was initiated into the 12-year tapas by Shankar Bhagawan. Sathyaraju performed all the 12 years of tapas in this village and emerged as ‘Shri Shri Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj’ in this village. Swamiji – Shivabalayogi established His first ashram at the ‘Tapo Mandir’ where he performed most of His 12-year tapas. He also installed a Shivalingam and an idol of Mother Parvathi at the very spot where He had Bhagawath (Aathma) Saakshaathkaara and consecrated them. 

Again after travelling all over India, Sri Lanka, the UK and the USA for three decades, Shivabalayogi returned to this very village and attained Mahaasamaadhi in this village. His holy physical body is interred here in this village. It is for all these reasons that the ‘Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj International Trust’ designated Swamiji’s ashram at Adivarapupeta as its Spiritual Headquarters. 

Wherever He was, Swamiji would return to Adivarapupeta for the Mahaashivaraathri function every year. The International Trust conducts the annual meeting of devotees on the Mahaashivaraathri day every year at this ashram.

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