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Bhava Samadhi

How it all started

When Sathyaraju successfully completed the 12-year long intense and arduous ‘tapas’, guided by his Guru (Lord Shiva in the form of a Jangama), Lord Shankar Bhagwan manifested in front of him along with Goddess Mother Parvathi.

Having convinced themselves that this young yogi does not have any selfish desire or ambition of his own, they blessed him with spiritual powers. Lord Shiva gave him the title ‘Shri Shri Shri Shivabalayogeeshwara’ and proclaimed that Shivabalayogi’s mission would be to awaken the dormant spirituality in people. He shall use his ‘tapas shakti’ spiritual powers obtained through his tapas to serve the public in general without regard to religion, caste or creed and help those on the spiritual path to gain liberation from the worldly illusion. To accomplish this mission, the yogi should travel and give darshan to the people to wean them away from materialism and bring them onto the path of spirituality. He should initiate those who seek God into meditation and guide them so they can gain liberation in this life. He should comfort those who grieve and heal the sick by giving them vibhuthi, ash blessed with spiritual and healing powers.

Establishing Centers and Ashrams

Several charitable trusts, ashrams and spiritual centers were established to carry out the mission. His Holiness initiated about a million devotees into meditation. At a few of His ashrams, temples have been established and Swamiji consecrated Shivalingas and idols of Gods and Goddesses.



Accordingly, Swamiji travelled extensively all over India, Sri Lanka, the USA and the UK for three decades. He also visited Italy. Wherever He went, He conducted programs consisting of darshan, meditation and bhajans followed by distribution of blessed food or annadaanam (mass feeding). He gave darshan to millions of devotees and distributed blessed vibhuthi.


Shivabalayogi left His holy physical body and attained Mahaasamaadhi on the 28th of March 1994, at His native village of Adivarapupeta. However, He continues to give darshan and guide His devotees both old and new through His numerous astral bodies

Charges / Fees

Swamiji never charged for any of His services – be it darshan, initiation into meditation or even paadapoojas. Devotees who visited and stayed at His ashrams too never had to pay for the accommodation or food. The whole mission was funded by voluntary donations offered by devotees. Even to this day, His mission continues to grow and run relying entirely on voluntary donations from the growing number of devotees.

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