The Living Yogi


Langford Town Center

Shri Vittal G Tambre was an ardent and close devotee of Swamiji since the early 1960s when Swamiji moved to Bangalore from Adivarapupeta. He and his family members actively participated in all the activities at Swamiji’s old and new ashrams. It was with Swamiji’s guidance that V G Tambre bought a house on Olleff Road in Langford Town, Bangalore for his family. On Swamiji’s advice, Mr. Tambre got the old house demolished and built a new house in the early 1980s. During the construction of this new house, Swamiji once visited it on His way from His Ashram in J P Nagar to the (HAL) Airport, ceremoniously erected the door frame of the room to the South West, performed pooja, distributed prasad to the construction workers and declared that that room would be His room. In Indian tradition, in compliance with ‘Vaastu Shaasthra’ (the ancient science of living spaces) it is the owner of the house or the head of the family who stays in the room to the South West.

Honoring Swamiji’s words, Vittal and his family members arranged for a bed in that room for Swamiji and left it for the exclusive use of Swamiji. Swamiji used to visit this house regularly once a year on the Republic Day of India (26th January) on the invitation of the family for a ‘paada-pooja’ and annadaanam (mass feeding). HH also used to visit the house occasionally through the year and always stayed in His room. To this day that room remains Swamiji’s room, although the members of the family grew in numbers over three generations in four decades.

In June 1996 when Thomas L Palotas and Dasari Jagadish Kumar established ‘Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj International Trust’ – IT in Bangalore, as ordained by Swamiji through devotees in trance, Shri Vittal G Tambre graciously offered the house to be used as the Registered Office of the Trust. Ever since then, all the activities of the International Trust are carried out from this house. A weekly Meditation, Bhajan and Annadaanam program is being conducted at this house every Saturday evening. Later, in the year 2000, the family built a big hall on the first floor to serve as the venue for the weekly program. 

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